US Military Holsters

1861 & 1863 Pattern Pistol Holsters

The regulation pistol holsters of the civil war and early Indian war period our reproductions capture the detail of the originals exactly from the early war 1861 pattern, contoured to it’s specific revolver, to the late war 1863 pattern, crafted to accommodate both the Colt and Remington army revolvers. Like our other military holsters they are entirely hand sewn and finished. Accurate in every detail.

1861 Pattern Colt Navy size $180

1861 Pattern Colt Navy size $180

1863 Pattern $180

1863 Pattern $180

1861 Pattern Colt Army size $180

1872 Pattern Pistol Holster

The 1872 pattern holster was an 1863 pattern holster modified by Watervliet arsenal in 1873 with the addition of a swivel belt loop and wiping rod sleeve. Our accurate reproduction of the rare originals comes with authentic hardware and markings. $230.00AU

1875 Pattern Pistol Holster

An excellent reproduction of the 1875 Pattern Holster with half flap and modified Hoffmann swivel belt loop. Manufactured to suit Colt Single Action Army and S&W Schofield revolvers. Crafted in the same manner as those produced by Watervliet arsenal in 1876 $210.00au

US Military 1875

1878 Pattern Pistol Holster

In order to rectify the shortcomings of the swivel belt loops of the 1872 and 1875 pattern holster the ordinance department reverted to a riveted and stitched belt loop, which was adopted as a pattern in 1878. We offer an authentic 1878 pattern holster with correct belt loop and stitched and riveted finial tab. $180.00 AU

US Military1878

1881 Pattern Pistol Holster

The Regulation pistol holsters of the late Indian war period. Our 1881 pattern holsters are hand crafted from quality tooling leather. We use the correct brass hardware, hand sew them with waxed linen thread and stamp them with the appropriate markings. Like the originals they will accommodate both the Colt S.A.A. and the Smith & Wesson Schofield revolvers.

US Military1881

We offer five versions of the 1881 Pattern Holster.

Type 1 – The first version of the 1881 holster manufactured with a small waist or sabre belt loop Type 3 – As per ordnance memoranda no. 29 made to fit over empty 1876 prairie and 1881 cavalry belt Type 4 – Originally produced in the early 1890’s this version had a loop made to fit over fully loaded mills woven cartridge belts.

Type 1

Type 3

Type 4

1881 Pattern Holster with Forsythe modification

1881 Pattern Holster

with Forsythe modification

1881 Pattern Holster with 1898 Artillery Modification and 1896 Belt loop Modification

1898 Artillery Modification

1898 Artillery Modification

1896 Belt loop Modification

and 1896 Belt loop Modification