Old West Belts

Combination Cartridge-Money BeltCombination Cartridge/Money Belt

Popular on the frontier during the late 19th century, these cartridge belts were designed to also carry coin.

Our belts are constructed just like the originals, a piece of soft chap leather, with skirting leather billets and loops, folded and stitched to form a pocket.

In keeping with the tradition of the saddlers of the 1800’s our combination money/cartridge belts are cut, sewn and finished entirely by hand.*

Standard Cartridge Belt

One of the earliest styles of cartridge belts , popular at the beginning of the cartridge era.

Constructed of a single piece of skirting leather, with hand sewn cartridge loops, fitted with a clipped corner California buckle.

This style can be tooled to match holsters and is available with a separate billet or a tapered billet.

Percussion Era Pistol Belts

These belts were commonly used during the Gold Rush era and beyond to carry percussion revolvers in the early California Pattern Holsters.

Our version is 2 inches wide and constructed from natural skirting leather.

Also available with cartridge loops. Plain or tooled to match holsters.

Border Belts

Popular with the Arizona and Texas rangers in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s.

These belts are a combination cartridge money belt designed to hold rifle and pistol rounds.

Our version is 4 inches wide and has 2 rows of pistol cartridges on either side and a single row of rifle cartridges in the centre.

As with our standard money belts these are entirely hand sewn. *

*Also available with main seam machine sewn.