Rifle Scabbards

For carrying long arms on horse back frontiersman strapped a heavy leather rifle scabbard to their saddles. We construct our scabbards from heavy skirting leather, they are available with a variety of tooling options in both carbine and rifle versions.

Henry Rifle Scabbard


Chaps were popular with cowboys from Montana to Texas. They were a necessary item of cowboy equipment for protection and warmth. Our Fringed Shotgun chaps are constructed from quality chap and skirting leathers and feature authentic design, tooling and finishing.

Our standard chaps are machine sewn, but are also available hand sewn on request. There are a wide variety of options available with chaps, including solid brass round and heart conchos, nickel plated spots and fringe lengths.

Saddle Bags & Cantina

A common piece of equipment on the frontier, saddle bags carried a cowboys worldly possessions.

Pommel bags or cantinas were popular in the gold rush era, and were often fitted with a pistol holster under one or both flaps.

As with our other accessories, there are a variety of tooling options available.

Spur Leathers

Spur leathers came in a variety of designs, and often had some degree of embellishment.

We offer several versions with options including tooling, spots and conchos.