About Percival Custom Leather

Paul had an interest in the Old West from an early age (too many Westerns as a kid). This evolved into an interest in the firearms and leather gear used in the Frontier West and there began the life long passion for collecting and shooting anything cowboy.

This interest was encouraged by Paul’s father Ivan, a keen horse rider and shooter while his mother didn’t discourage him when all he wanted for Christmas was leather.

The first gunbelt Paul ever made was a John Wayne Rig, copied from a picture in a book, with the help of Ivan. After that first rig there was no looking back for Paul, he spent every spare moment studying reference books, original pieces and photographs to learn the detail of the construction methods and materials used, chewing up countless amounts of leather trying to achieve the authenticity he desired.

Paul’s fascination with US Military accoutrements began as a pre-teen, watching his hero John Wayne in movies such as She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, and The Horse Soldiers,from then Paul spent countless years reading and researching, so that he could create accurate reproductions of the accoutrements used during the Indian and Civil Wars.

Paul has spent the past 20 years learning, and refining his skills, gaining the knowledge and experience to produce authentic hand crafted Gunleather and Military Accoutrements. Sourcing the most reliable suppliers, in order to produce true authenticity.

All of Paul’s work is crafted using quality skirting and bridle leathers, hand sewn with waxed linen thread and fitted with authentic hardware and markings.

In 2003 Paul married Marika, who, whilst not a shooter, did go to The Little Big Horn and Monument Valley for her honeymoon!

Together they look forward to helping you with all of your reproduction gun leather needs.